Presently, the Faculty offers four-year Bachelor of Science Degree Programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology aimed at producing qualified information and communication professional for government, industry, and private enterprise.  The Bachelor of Science programme requires 146 credit hours divided into 8 semesters of course work, project work, student internship and a management seminar.

In line with our philosophy of innovation, we have introduced summer and evening programs to enable students from Basic, Second Cycle, Tertiary institutions and other interested persons to acquire IT skills. The vision of the chancellor of the university is that any student who graduates from GCUC should have in addition skill and certificate in ICT. This program started in January 2013 and was organized for all level 300 students of the Business School. The program continues this year and it is hoped that the Faculty of Health and Allied Sciences will join the Faculty of Business Studies. Students who graduate after going through the program shall be awarded a certificate in ICT in addition to their degrees to make them more competitive in the job market.

The GCUC Experience

The pursuit of excellence and the fostering of innovation drive the Faculty Of Computer Science and technology. We offer a variety of exciting programs that use leading-edge technology. If you are dedicated to academic acheivment, are enthusiastic, disciplined and motivated, we would like you to join us.


The GCUC Advantage - The Right Choice

  •       Excellence in Research and Teaching

Quality programs, exceptional faculty members and a friendly, supportive campus. This is the GCUC - a comprehensive research and teaching institution. We offer a broad range of outstanding undergraduate, Certificate and professional programs to more than 1,000 students. We offer you a world of opportunities.

The size of the campus provides our students with a "hands on" approach to education. Students interact with their professors and their faculty one-to-one providing ample opportunity for student-faculty interaction.

Why A Computer Science Degree?

The computing revolution is only just beginning. Computers now influence a huge range of areas - business, health care, education, government, environmental management, engineering, scientific research, video production, language translation, space exploration ... the list goes on! Your skills as a computer scientist are in great demand!

We are concerned with knowledge processing and problem solving using computers. You will study fundamental concepts related to representation, interpretation, and analysis of knowledge, as well as automation of deductive reasoning, and assessment of the value and applicability of computers. Concepts can be considered in theoretical terms and in terms of applications.

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