The Faculty Of Applied Sciences is one of the two pioneer Faculty of the Garden City University College.


The aim of the School is to produce innovative; well-grounded and well-rounded computer programmers, Systems Analysts, Web Developers, Computer Technicians and entrepreneurs who can meet the challenges of our time and serve as agents for social change in an increasingly sophisticated global village.  Graduates have the competence to apply the most recent techniques in the area of computing and are familiar with best practice and state-of-the-art approaches in the IT field. The School is unique in offering and developing skills in Information Technology, presently the Faculty Of Applied Sciencesperforms two main functions, namely academic and the provision of computing services. In addition, faculty members are involved in various research activities and software development.


Except for our Certificate and Professional Development Programmes, the programmes run by the Facultyare run during the Day (Regular) and Weekends. Our dedicated School provides an excellent set of courses combined with individual attention to make learning experience a great one.  We have an excellent IT infrastructure made up of wireless network, well equipped computer labs and a great staff to help students have a great experience.

Faculty of Applied Science

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